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A Modest Hero
This is a True Story, but the names have been changed to avoid embarrassment to the real people involved

At two in the morning, the Smith family was woken up suddenly as a seven foot high figure crashed through the glass of the Canberra house. (Canberra is the capital of Australia.) This was two am and they had been suddenly woken up. When you are just woken up it can take a few seconds to return to full awareness.  Why was an insane giant ninja doing impossible leaps round the house?  
The intruder got into his 10 year old son John's bedroom. The boy called out something like:

"Dad, there's a Kangaroo in my bedroom!"

By this time, Mr. Smith had worked out what the intruder was and went to help the boy. The Kangaroo was trying to get out, and was probably even more frightened and confused than the humans had been. The Kangaroo was attempting to get out through the corner of the bedroom. Mr. Smith realized the danger his son was in. A wild Kangaroo is unlikely to deliberately attack a human, but this one was totally confused. At any moment the animal could jump onto John.

Mr. Smith grabbed the Kangaroo from behind and was able to wrestle it to the ground, drag it along the hallway and through the front door without injuring it further (The Kangaroo had cut itself coming through the glass). Mr. Smith had scratches, but was not badly hurt.

Mr. Smith and John came onto national television to tell their story. Mr. Smith told it with modesty and humour. He is a chef by profession and was asked if he ever served Kangaroo. He joked that it would be on the menu for the next night.

The normal way of catching a Kangaroo without injuring it is for there to be two men. One man approaches from the front, and the other man grabs the Kangaroo's tail. Kangaroos have a very powerful double kick, but they can only kick forwards, and need their tail to support themselves while kicking. Once the tail is held, the men can overpower the animal. This method requires 2 men. Probably what Mr. Smith did was the best way in the circumstances.

Canberra at twilight from Mt Ainslie
Taken by John O'Neill
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