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Marsupial Intelligence

It is difficult to get reliable scientific information about the Intelligence of Marsupials.  The old idea is that they had a much lower level of intelligence than placentals.  This is what I was taught at school. A number of web sites also repeat this old idea. The idea that marsupials are less intelligent than placental mammals seems to be based on prejudice.

The opposite extreme is depicted on the old Australian television series Skippy.  Skippy could do things like flying a helicopter and make phone calls.  The programs entertained millions of people, but cannot be taken too seiously.
The people who had the job of managing the Kangaroos on the series reguarded than as untrainable.
Since other people have trained Kangaroos and regard them as intelligent animals, I have to assume that the Kangaroo handlers on the show were not using suitable techniques.   Perhaps they had started off with the idea that Kangaroos are untrainable.

Based on my own observation and the things I hear from wildlife carers, Marsupials generally have a similar level of intelligence to comparable placental animals.
Two different people who have kept Quolls in their household have said that their intelligence is similar to that of a Cat. 
The limited information about the Thylacine suggest that their intelligence was comparable to a wolf, and somewhat higher than most breeds of Dog.
Wombats seem to exibit very high intelligence.

Marsupial intelligence is a subject that needs more investigation.