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The Indochinese Tiger


The Indochinese Tiger, Panthera tigris corbetti, is the most widespread of all the Tiger subspecies.  It is not the most numerous.  There are more Bengal Tigers in the Wild than Indochinese tigers.

Corbetts Tiger

This Tiger is also known as the Corbetts Tiger.  It got this name from Colonel Jim Corbett, a hunter and conservationist, but some people question whether he should have been given this honour.  He was well known for the large numbers of Tigers and Leopards he killed.

At the time he did this there were still very large numbers of these predators and many of the ones he killed were known to be man eaters.  Man eating is not normal for these Tigers, and many of these were suffering from injuries or other conditions that made it difficult for them to hunt.  Many of these animals may also have been in pain, so Colonel

Corbett killing of them can be seen as acts of mercy.

He also tried to avoid killing animals that were not man eaters, or a threat

to domestic animals.

Malayan Tiger

In 2004, it was decided that the Malayan Tiger was a separate subspecies.  Before this, the Tigers of Malaysia had been included with the Indochinese Tigers.  The separation was done on genetic grounds more than on physical differences although the Malayan Tiger appears to be smaller on average.


Currently this Tiger is found in Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand and Myanmar.

Previously it was one of the three subspecies of Tiger found in China.  The other two are the South China Tiger and the Siberian Tiger.  The Indochinese Tiger is now believed to be extinct in China.

Although this Tiger is found in several countries, it is not common in any of them.  The main places with surviving populations are the border areas of these countries.

These areas tend to be both politically sensitive and inaccessible.  This makes it difficult for researchers to go in and do accurate population surveys.


The Indochinese Tiger is a medium sized one, being smaller than the Siberian and Bengal Tigers, but bigger than the Sumatran, Malayan and South China Tigers.

A male will weigh about 160 Kg while the female is more like 110 Kg when mature.


Indochinese Tigers prefer to eat large animals.  They will even eat baby Elephants if they can catch them unprotected.  Wild Water Buffalo and also very powerful animals, but these Tigers will kill them.  Wild pigs are also eaten.

If large animals are not available, they will eat smaller ones like Monkeys, Birds, Fish and even small Rodents.  The problem with eating small animals is that it is very difficult for a large predator like a Tiger to get enough to sustain their large body.

Tigers will also eat other predators like Leopards and Bears.

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