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The Eastern Grey Kangaroo

The Eastern Grey Kangaroo, Macropus giganteus giganteus, is one of the more common Kangaroos of Australia.


The scientific name of this animal suggests that it is the biggest Kangaroo.  However, on average, this is not correct.  The Red Kangaroo is the biggest.

Although on average the Red Kangaroo is bigger, in the drier parts of its range, the occasional giant Grey is to be seen.  These can be eight feet tall.  As with most species of Kangaroo, the Eastern Grey males are bigger than the females.

Social Structure

In the more temperate parts of its range, mobs of perhaps 40 females may be with a single mature male, as well as the young animals.  It is believed that the Alpha Male, which has the exclusive right to mate with the females, does not keep its position for very long; maybe only a year.

In the drier parts the mobs tend to be smaller, but the males bigger.  The may keep their position for longer than a year.


This animal prefers shorter grasses and other plants than its red cousin.  In its range it tends to promote natural lawns of short grasses, with a wide variety of species.


Eastern Greys prefer plenty of cover so lie up for the night, and during the hotter parts of the day in reasonable safety.  Like most Kangaroos, they mostly become active in the mornings and evenings.  These animals are not necessarily incompatible with Humans.  Some places created by Humans are actually excellent habitats.

Golf Courses and Parks

These places both have short grasses and belts of trees.  In some parts of Australia, golfers share their recreational areas with Eastern Grey Kangaroos.


Canberra is the capital of Australia.  It is not the biggest City.  The creation of Canberra is somewhat analogous to that of Washington DC.

Canberra is within the Australia Capital Territory which was created simply to contain the Capital, but it is rather bigger than the city itself.  Canberra has suburban Parks, and Golf Courses which house a good population of Eastern Grey Kangaroos.  The continuation of this population depends of the tolerance of the Humans.  So far they have been allowed to survive.  People put up with the minor nuisance these animals cause with their inadvertent visits to peoples’ gardens.

A Modest Hero

Kangaroos generally are not dangerous to people.  It is only in exceptional circumstance that they would hurt a person. 

A dangerous situation occurred in a Canberra suburb.  Quick thinking prevented further injury.



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