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By Marjorie Challis aged 15

A graceful dancer
a floating queen
such an animal of elegance, though people are mean.
Some love them for beauty,
others for speed.
People can hate them,
for stealing Dog’s feed.
Predator for sure,
a vision of stealth,
keep them off that bird
by feeding them wealth.
A cat will be silent,
a purring furball,
if it has a bell to stop
killing a birdcall.
Exotic eyes
fill people with love.
throughout the ages,
they’re a sign from above.
The great Goddess Bask,
the thirteenth on Friday
the witch has a cat
but people are crazy.
The Lion so strong,
king of the beasts,
tiny kittens
in shoes from our feet.
Though many can hate them,
none can deny
that they must have some place
in the hearts of you and I.
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