Our Main Web site is Betta Trading, but it was becoming so big that our site building program was having trouble updating it, so I am transfering some of the things less relevant to our Business to this personal web site. 

 One of My main interests is Aquarium Fish.  My fact sheets and other fish articles are on the Betta Trading Web Site.  There are links to that site from this one, including on the Fish Fact Index.

The things on this site may seem unrelated to each other.  The main connection is that they are all things I am interested in.  However, I will try to explain some of the sections.
 The Astronomy Section concentrates on Extraterrestial habitats that might be able to suport life.  The Nature Section is  mostly about Earth organisms from harsh habitats that might be able to live on other planets, especially Mars.
My short stories vary from the completely true: 2+3=5, Modest Hero, Unlikely Hero to the completely fictional A Boy and His Budgie, Lost in the Desert, Rescue in Venice and Space Cowboys.  The one that has been most popular (And is used as an example of a writing style in at least one school) is Tiffany Rat.  Tiffany Rat was real, and the story is based on the truth.  Some imagination was used in the later parts of the story.  It also ties in with the Astronomy and Space Travel Section.
As well as the stories I have written there is a Poem by my daughter, and a story called The Doormat that Roared. My mother wrote this, but the original was lost.  I rewrote it with minor updates.
My father wrote a Novel called: "When Angels Travel".  This was based on his international  travels in the 1960's
There are several articles about wildlife, including Apes, Cats, Kangaroos, Quolls and Australian Animals.
Of course my interest in evolution fits in with my interest in animals.
Creation is something I regard as a religious belief and something that is not susceptible to scientific investigation.  Otherwise, it would not be a matter of faith. I also do not consider that evolution is incompatible with the Holy Bible.
I also enjoy gardening and I have written a couple of gardening articles; Belladonna Lilies, and Roses.
 I am also a passionate suporter of Human Rights, Freedom and Democracy.  There are several pages about this.  As is obvious, most of these were written by other people. Internet Censorship, Head of State Immunity and Ape Rights are ones I wrote.
Abraham Lincoln delivered the Gettysburg Address.  The people who signed the Declaration of Independence are at the bottom of this declaration.  The Universal Declaration of Human Rights was passed by the General Assembly of the United NationsElenor Roosevelt had a lot to do with its passing.
Some pages are illustrated with relevant book adverts from Amazon.  These are chosen to have some relevance to the text. Although it is possible to buy these, I sell so few that I regard them as illustrations rather than adverts.
If you click on these you will be taken to an Amazon page where you can order these books.  Amazon will ship to many different countries. 
Except where otherwise stated or made obvious by the context, all the articles and stories on this site were written by Steve Challis, and copyright is owned by Steve Challis.  Except where allowed by copyright law, permission should be sought before publishing or using any material from this site.  Steve's full postal address is :
Steve Challis
As well as the things I am putting on the site, Google will put ads.  These are done automatically.  I am not endorsing any of the specific products advertized, and their relevance may vary, but if they look interesting or useful, try clicking on them to see.
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